Start-up The Sill Delivers Chic and Easy Houseplants to New Yorkers


We’ve avoided houseplants in the past because we’ve always been of the opinion that A) unless you know what you’re doing, lots of indoor greenery can easily look kitschy and B) our tiny NYC apartments don’t have a ton-o-extra-space for anything potted. But genius start-up The Sill is changing the way that Manhattanites buy and display plants—in appropriately city-size (read: small) servings. We sat down with the company’s founders, Gwen Blevens and Eliza Blank, to learn more about our new favorite interior decor trick: 


Where did the idea for The Sill come from? 

We started The Sill because we wanted to incorporate greenery into our living spaces, but realized that potted plants with the same variety by which we express ourselves with other home furnishingscolor, texture, shape, storysimply didn’t exist. We believe that city dwellers want and deserve an easier, more fashionable way to live with plants.

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